BAPE A Bathing Ape

Top 5 Fake Bape Stores For Shopping Bape Replica

BAPE is a famous streetwear brand born in Harajuku, Japan. Its full name is “A Bathing Ape in Lukewarm Water”. Its name comes from the American sci-fi movie Planet of The Apes, produced in 1968. In recent years, due to its unique design, high quality and limited products, it has become popular in Europe and the United States. However, due to the high price of real Bape, many young people cannot bear it. Therefore, fake Bape has become the best choice for many people.

What is fake Bape?
Fake Bape refers to replica streetwear that are copied from the original shape and materials of authorized Bape, including hoodie, mask, jackets, shirts, etc.

Most fake Bape seller services and product quality on the Internet are unqualified. So, we reviewed and listed the 5 best fake bape online stores.

#1. HypeUnique

HypeUnique is a hype streetwear online store. The site is popular with skateboarders for its high-quality replicas and efficient services. Besides, it has a comprehensive after-sales customer service and refund policy. In its production and design, fake Bape developed based on the original means of top quality. In other words, you can buy fake Bape masks like real ones at a low price.

#2. Etkick

Pkgod is the highest level version of the replica, especially in Bape streetwear and sneakers. The store has its factory and sales team. In just 5 years, it has successfully attracted countless fans and repeats customers. The disadvantage is that due to the pursuit of the ultimate level and restoration of details, the number of pk god products is small. Pk God is ranked 5th with wonderful fake Bape.

#3. Repsnation

Repsnation is the world’s largest e-commerce platform and the main source of traffic for countless fake merchants. First, you need to search for “fake Bape Yeezy” or other keywords. Secondly, you will get the corresponding product list, they are all from different sellers. Carefully reviewing comments is the only way to get a high-quality fake Bape. Also, the platform has secure and comprehensive payment methods. Since Repsnation is not a niche site for Bape, we ranked it third.


Kickwho is a 6 year old fake bape sweater online store. The platform became popular on Reddit in 2015, whether it was nike, supreme, or yezzy. The website claims to only make premium replica bape, so the price is higher than other ordinary sellers. If you want to buy fake products that are not different from authorized Bape, then KickWho will be very suitable for you.

#5. is the best Bape replica website. Its feature is to allow buyers to sell their Bape collections on it. Whether it is a replica or authentic product, as long as your price matches someone, the order is automatically generated. However, you cannot sell fake Bape as an authentic product on it. Once found, your account and funds will be locked. If you are interested in other street culture brands, TunnNew will not let you down.

Why Fake BAPE Is So Popular?

Amongst those fashion brands, you might often come across fake BAPE as one of the most recommended brands for you. BAPE is one of the prominent streetwear brands of Japan. But its name has been around the world. When you come up to the street, there’s a chance that you will find some pals out there wearing BAPE with proud and loud.

It is one of the most popular brands on the street. Despite the expensive price, people tend to get this at their wardrobe collections. Perhaps it is also one of the hottest topics that you have been raving about. Why is it so popular despite its hefty prices? It is one of the questions that many streetwear lovers want to find the answers before proceeding.

The Limited-Edition Fake Bape Models

BAPE always come with limited supplies. One only gets the BAPE models from the official stores. BAPE manufacturers themselves focus their distribution on the Brick-and-mortar stores. If you come across some models on the online marketplace, there’s a chance that these come from the resellers or fellow fans. And most of the time, the prices are racking up.

Because of the brand’s limited quantity, you will only find it at the official brick-and-mortar store. But people are strongly attracted not only because of the gimmicks “limited edition”. They love the design of each model. You will find out by yourself that when you wear BAPE clothing out there, you will be standing out of the crowd. It is because not all people have the same luck as you.

The Brand Prestige

Because of its exclusiveness, it has become a status symbol and trend in many street communities. fake BAPE marketing has always been a way to surprise the society with their new lines of products which are irresistible for the street cultures and hip-hop fans. It has been one of the most iconic brands in the world for years. And with the legacies that have always been spotted at top fashion mags, it is not surprising that there have always been demands from the buyers.

BAPE has its own prestige although it is slated as a street wear. It has raided the common audiences in many kinds of societies.

The models have hit right through the youngster’s hearts. It is so easy to attain their attention with the latest models of BAPE. In some countries in which fashion is the concern, BAPE is always one of the top 20 popular brands. Although some people are only fond of its prestige, some youngsters really do connect it with their personal taste.

Top Quality

Of course, folks want to spend more money on quality as well. BAPE products are indeed much better than the other brands. If you do compare it with the average streetwear brands, BAPE has its own image and distinctive. You can see that from its tees, shoes, jeans, denim, hoodies, bags, and other accessories. There has always been so different from fake BAPE products. BAPE products have such different vibe and nuances. Those who wear it on the street will feel it that way.

If you have R&B or Hip Hop Soul, BAPE will easily catch your attention.