Difference Between AAPE and BAPE

What is the difference between Bape and Aape? As a trendy beginner, these two brands are often confused, so how do we distinguish them?

The full name of Bape: A BATHING APE in Lukewarm Water, which means: the ape-man who lives comfortably, and his friends like to call him “ape man”.

Aape full name: AAPE BY A BATHING APE, is a young subsidiary brand under fake BAPE.

In 1993, Japanese designer Nigo (Nagao Tomomi) founded Bape, and the inspiration for his creation was the American science fiction film Planet Apes.

In the early days of its establishment, the brand attracted widespread attention due to its unique design and limited supply. In 1998, top star Kimura Takuya appeared on TV wearing Bape costumes, which triggered the entire BBape wave in Japan.

Then, Bape quickly rose to become the leading role of the Japanese street fashion industry.

Relying on the strategy of hungry marketing and the high reputation of Bape for product pricing, he also faced poor operating conditions. Until 2010, the continuous loss of BAPE was sold to the Hong Kong I.T Group by Nagao Akira.

In the third year after the acquisition of BBape, the IT Group launched the young brand AAPE suitable for mass consumption in 2012. The price of AAPE is 40% -50% of BAPE, and AAPE, which focuses on youth consumption, has spread around the world.

Place of birth

BAPE is essentially an original Japanese tide brand, but its ownership changed to the Hong Kong I.T Group in 2010.

AAPE is essentially a Hong Kong brand, but it only borrows the Japanese parent brand. Most of them are created by Hong Kong local designers. Some limited-name joint Nigo will also participate in the design.

Theme differences

The three most famous elements of BAPE are camouflage, shark head, and LOGO ape head.

Among them, the camouflage and logo ape heads are clear at a glance, and the shark head design inspiration is from the World War I, Italian and German pilots, inkjet works on the aircraft.

AAPE focuses on three themes: Music, Army, and Street Baseball.

The music theme will be inspired by American Hip-hop culture, with red and black as the main theme.

And the Army theme is the most eye-catching design, a variety of Signature classic camouflage patterns are reproduced one by one.

The Street Baseball theme is based on the Street Fashion style. The American-style Baseball Jacket and Baseball Cap are the hot themes.


AAPE is a branch brand of BAPE. It follows the party line and the price is relatively reduced by 40% to 50%. The purpose is to make it affordable for young people who love BAPE culture. Bape is more expensive, especially some limited and co-branded products.


Bape’s logo is “ape head”, while Aape’s logo is a circular pattern.

Is the difference between Bape and AAPE clear? Of course, many old-fashioned artillery also liken Bape and Aape to “father-son relationship”, which is simple and clear! so what else do you not understand?